Friday, June 15, 2007

Storing Students' Flash Drives

You might be wondering how I manage the USB flash drives now that we've completely transitioned away from floppy disks. The school purchased about 40 32MB flash drives from an online provider at 3 for $10. I assign two or three students to a drive and they're stored in the hanging organizer that you see in the photos. Each drive is numbered and has its own slot. I can easily see if they're all present at the end of the class with a quick glance. The hanging organizer is easily available. You can usually find them online or in stores that work with sewing, crafts, or jewelry. Try searching for "hanging organizers"!


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! From whom did you purchase your flash drives? Mine look different, like a mini floppy.

barryb said... was the actual vendor. That was quite some time ago though. I'm sure prices are different now. It's not as easy to find smaller flash drives though. Most places are selling larger ones for more money!

Penny said...

Barry, So the old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" is true! Love this idea AND the fact you are instructing your students how to use flash drives. They certainly won't be using floppy disks at work anymore!

Francisca Wentworth said...

What a great idea, Barry. We have been talking about buying flash drives in the fall and this way of managing them is a good idea. You got them really cheap. I haven't seen any that cheap but will check again. Thanks

tinkerbellchime said...

Excellent idea, Barry. You're a resourceful guy. Neat and tidy. I like the lanyards, too.

Christina Niven