Thursday, October 04, 2007

Homework for OTAN online course

This is the homework assignment for the participants of OTAN's online course on blogging for October 5, 2007.

1 Continue to develop your new blog!

2 Post at least two new postings including at least one image to your new blog on a topic that interests you. Try inserting a link to a website as part of a post.

3 Visit my blog at and try to post a comment! (If you're reading this, you're already here! so just post your comment!) Include the URL of your new blog in your comment. This blog is “moderated” so your comments won’t automatically appear. I have to approve comments first.
4 Post a comment on one of the blogs created today by a participant in the workshop!

1 comment:

VincentN said...

Hi Barry - I realize this entry was for blogging, not wiki's! But anyhow, I'll certainly keep tabs here and at the 2.0 spot. - Vincent