Friday, September 04, 2009 for reducing image file size for online images.

It's great to find a website that provides a service of use and works well-and for free! Web Resizer is one of those! Do you want to make sure that people who view your website aren't waiting long periods for your photos to load? This is especially true for teachers who post images of students or student projects or who have websites where students upload a lot of photos. Webresizer reduces wait time in two ways. It electronically reduces the file size of any image, and it provides a convenient online cropping tool. The process is simple: browse for an image saved on your computer and click the upload button. The image is automatically reduced using the electronic process and appears on the screen next to the original image. The new file size is displayed and the difference in size between the original and the new image is shown as a percentage. Click on a link that says "download" this image and the reduced file is saved on your computer. The real proof is when you post the new optimized image on the website next to the original image and compare how long it takes for both images to appear. The difference is immediately evident.

Not only is Web Resizer free, you don't even have to register for it. Just click on the link and start resizing your photos!

There are also other online photo editing tools to check out including a cropping tool, adjustments for contrast and brightness, and a way to add borders to your photo.

There are probably other websites that provide similar tools, but this was the first one I heard about and it works great.

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