Saturday, February 06, 2010

Using Video Clips as Prompts for Conversation and Making Predictions

I was recently reminded of the importance of reading stories as a classroom exercise in terms of giving students the opportunity to make predictions about what will happen in the next part of the story to be read. The same can be done with video clips. The following three clips come from a car commercial. I play them in order for the whole class. The students work in groups. Each group has to make a prediction about what will happen next. I write the predictions on the board before showing the next clip. Try it yourself by watching the clips in order and making your own predictions.

Watch the first clip

What do you think will happen next? (Write your prediction down!)

Watch the second clip

Was your prediction accurate?
What do you think will happen next? (Write your prediction down!)

Watch the final clip

Was your prediction accurate?

Try it with your students! If your students are anything like my students you will have great discussions and they will enjoy the surprise endings, especially after the second second clip!


jaymegary said...

Loved this, Barry. I completely missed on predicting what would happen in the 2nd video--in part because the video showed no car there when it first comes up. But I felt quite smug about figuring out the third video clip.

I can't wait to suggest this to the writing teachers I'm working with right now. ;-) j/me

barryb said...

Thanks for the feedback! I added some titles to the clips so the action in the clip is not hinted at by the first scene. You should get better results now! said...


Do you have any suggestions for other appropriate "predicting" videos?

Anonymous said...

My grade 5 students loved this. They are still laughing. They did not expect that to happen. Great prediction activity!!!!!