Saturday, July 23, 2005

weekly course content

Week 1
Pre-test of computer literacy (names of computer parts)
introduction to the keyboard and mouse
introduction to keyboarding
Start first project “About Me”
Review or introduction to Simple Present Tense

Week 2
Complete “About Me” project
Start second project “My Usual Schedule”
More practice with Simple Present Tense
Week 3
Complete “My Usual Schedule”
Introduction to Present Continuous Tense

Week 4
Start third project “Do/Doing”
Introduction to the Internet and the Web Browser

Week 5
Complete third project “Do/Doing”
Introduction to Blogging
Create Student Blog

Week 6
Weekly Blog post on an activity student usually does
Student views a classmate’s blog and posts a response
Mid-Semester Evaluation

Week 7
Weekly Blog post on an activity student a student is doing
Introduction to Comparatives and Superlatives
Introduction to Paint
Start fourth project “Comparatives and Superlatives”

Week 8
Weekly Blog post on comparing three consumer products the student uses
Introduction to Simple Past Tense
Complete project “Comparatives and Superlatives”

Week 9
Weekly Blog post on something the student “did over the weekend”
Students form teams and start “Research Project”
Students complete “Research Project” on Excel and start PowerPoint presentation

Week 10
Weekly Blog post on the “Research Project”
Students present PowerPoint presentation orally
Final evaluations

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