Saturday, July 23, 2005

Writing assignments

Students will complete the following writing projects:

“About Me” – a brief autobiography of one or two paragraphs
“My Usual Schedule” – A paragraph explaining what the student usually does during the week
“Do/Doing” – students interview a campus employee to find out what that employee usually does at his or her job, then takes several photos of the employee performing different tasks, and then writes about what the employee usually does and what the employee was doing at the time the pictures were taken.
“Comparatives and Superlatives” – Students use Paint to draw three simple images that can be compared to each other. The drawings are transferred to Word and compared.
“Research Project” – Students conduct a simple research project in class, create a graph displaying the results in Excel, and create a slide presentation in PowerPoint. The final step in this writing project is to present the results to the class orally, accompanied by the PowerPoint slides.

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