Thursday, September 06, 2007

What did we do in class today? Watch a video and find out!

I've started a new experiment using short videos to tell absent students what the rest of us did in class on any given day. I now have a webcam and I've been making very short video clips announcing the assignments. I upload the video file to my wikipage and then put a link to the wikipage on my class pageflakes home page. I'm not sure that's the most efficient way to do this yet, but it seems to be workable. I'm going to introduce the class pageflakes page to my new group of students tomorrow. I'll keep you posted about their feedback. In the meantime, feel free to check out the first two video clips. You'll find the link in the left column under the calendar "flake."

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Larry Ferlazzo said...


I'm writing to all the ESL-related blogs that are on my blogroll. I'd like to invite you to consider sending in a post from your blog that has appeared within the past few months, or that you will be writing in September, for inclusion in an ESL "Carnival" that I'm hosting.

A Carnival is basically a collection of posts from various blogs on a selected topic. All you have to do is pick a post you've written sometime over the past few months or one that you will write in September that you think is particularly insightul or helpful and that's related to teaching English Language Learners. Send the link to me by Sept. 30th and I'll post the collection shortly thereafter.

If there's interest, we could continue this monthly or quarterly, each time hosted by a different blog.

Here's a post I've written announcing it:

And here's a link to a recent "Carnival of Education" to give you an idea of what a Carnival might look like:

Larry Ferlazzo