Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This site is a general activity site that I would find useful in my work only as a site that students who are parents might want to visit together with their children. There are lots of activities organized in 6 major areas. The Scholastic Book Club area, for example, includes a writing area, a test-taking strategy area, a homework area and an area for very young children. Except for the Scholastic Book Club area, however, this site is very commercially oriented with the other major areas completely structured on television (the WB Kids area, Fox Kids, and Disney Channel) or on other commercial enterprises of dubious educational content such as Pokemon. It is so heavily commercially oriented that I would most likely recommend to my students that they skip the kids-online.net homepage and go directly to the scholastic homepage bypassing much of the commercial garbage.


terri said...

I agree with your observation Barry, it is quite commercial, however, our students are bombarded with commercialism on a daily basis.
I visited the scholastic site that you talked about, and I liked that site as well. However, I still like the kids-online site as an interaction site for younger kids, but there still should be a variety of opportunities available. I look forward to visiting any other site that you find might be beneficial

Learning4Life said...

On initial sign-on and periodically do parents need to monitor the activities of their children on this site. I do not think the parent needs to stay with the child. There are some great fun and educational places the child can visit and learn. The parent or instructor can always cancel or delete information that does not need to be revealed.