Saturday, May 21, 2005

see some photos from my classroom

To see a couple of pictures of technology use in my classroom (ESL Beginning High level) go to

After it downloads, go to page 86 of the technology guide for a couple of images. Incidentally, the Technology Guide that it's found in is a document created by adult teachers for adult teachers and includes numerous articles (some written by me) about incorporating technology in the classroom, website reviews and suggestions, video and software reviews, and detailed lesson plans for all levels of ESL instruction.

If you go to the ESL department webpage (Division of Adult and Career Education, LAUSD) at the first 4 pictures running across the top are of my students. In the first one, they're using "card reader" technology for listening practice.

Scroll down that page to the heading "ESL Instructional Materials" for a set of downloadable photos appropriate for language instruction that I created. The direct link is
Pictures 3 and 4 also give good views of my classroom, but 10 of the computers along the wall have been replaced by Gateway Profile 5.5 computers to save space on the desktops. ( for a picture)

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terri said...

Barry I am awed by what you have done. I saw your students and what they were working on. I love the pictures from your classroom.
I think you have done a tremendous job.