Thursday, June 09, 2005

First student blogs achieved today

I took the plunge and tried a second time to get introduce my students to both the class homepage I created at as well as the blog I created at blogger. It went much better today with 4 students actually creating their own new blogs! Those four are now able to access the blog from home and post responses. It was very exciting actually and the students were very excited about the whole thing, quickly grasping my intent that they can maintain contact with the class even if they are absent. To see the first 4 student blogs visit and look for the four links at the right side... Note that Flori actually posted her answer to the June 7th assignment and I was able to give her some feedback leading to a correct sentence.

One observation about the difference between the two sites is that it is much easier to get students to the point of being able to log in at the scholastic site. On the other hand, the more sophisticated students quickly realized that by starting their own blogs, they would have their very own Internet presence, with one student asking me, "If I tell my friends about my blog, and they make their own blog, than we can send messages back and forth to each other?, and what about photos?"

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Learning4Life said...

I am so happy for your class's success with blogging. You have definitely sparked another interest in their lives. That is what teaching is all about! Kudos!!!