Saturday, June 11, 2005

Website for viewing a site as a color blind person would see it
is the website I referred to in class that allows you to view a webpage as if a color blind person would view it. It actually shows you how people with different types of color blindness would see the page.

Click on the "Vischeck" link at the left and then on "Run Webpages" and you can enter the URL of your blog or any other website to see it as a color blind person might!


paul said...

Saw it barry, thanks... it's good to know about this site, very educational and informative.

Yacinemay said...

The probability of my investigating this topic on my own was very slim. Thank you Barry for always bringing up original, unique yet crucial aspects of the world of education.

Learning4Life said...

I visited and looked at the pictures. My eyes adjusted differently to each shade. I will keep this site and test my kids to see if they can distinguish the difference.