Thursday, June 02, 2005

my blogline set up

I want to 2nd Dr. Partovi's suggestion to make use of the blog "accumulator" found at It really saves a lot of time when trying to read all of the blogs of everybody in the class. I was even able to add a button on my browser toolbar which allows me to instantly add a blog I'm visiting to my list of blogs that it's keeping track of. For example, when I visited each of your blogs, instead of typing in the URL for each respective blog, I just clicked on that new button in my browser and that blog was added to my list of blogs. I think I got everybody, but I'm not sure about Michael's. (I'm using but I don't see any postings :( so I don't know if that's correct.)

1 comment:

paul said...

Thanks for teaching me to do my bloglines. It does save time in reading everybody's blogs. I'm glad i have you as my classmate!