Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I think this would be an invaluable resource for a k-12 teacher, especially theTeacherChat forums where teachers can post questions and get back responses from other teachers who have suggestions and solutions. I found myself getting drawn into one discussion about a 3 year old autistic student and how the teacher was concerned he was fixating on his set of beads for hours and hours and whether that was a good thing because it was calming or a bad thing because it was preventing communication. The responses were quite interesting including many specific suggestions for using some shaping (I hope I'm remembering all that stuff we learned just last semester) to increase time away from the beads by using the beads as a reward for doing a simple task, first for one minute, then for two minutes, then for three minutes, etc. Another posting had to do with a teacher who wanted more information about self-mutilation and how prevalent it is , and then later in the discussion reveals that she has one student who apparently is cutting himself and asks for info about what should be done about it. I'm SO glad I work with adult populations! On a lighter note this posting about controlling behavior strikes me as a great idea

Another unique part of the site is the store of teacher created materials, many that can be purchased as .pdf downloads, so teachers who need an instantaneous lesson or teaching aid and don't have an educational store in town or even within 100 miles can get materials as needed. And of course, since they are teacher-created, the materials are classroom tested.

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